Charismatic leadership in organization management essay

Transformational is definitely a better leadership style than charismatic, especially when dealing with and being in charge of a group of people or an organization Whereas the Transformational Leader has a basic focus of transforming the organization and, quite possibly, their followers, the Charismatic Leader may not want to change anything.

Limitations of charismatic leadership When the system is made of very strong levels of administrations lacking proper delegation, there is a tendency of gathering a workgroup made of weak people.

This statement is quite ambitious and somewhat exaggerated. It is observed that charismatic leadership motivates followers to give extra output than what is expected from them otherwise.

The rare situation of existence of the special cases may be the root cause of narcissism aspects such as insensitivity to others and lack of reality on the undertakings.

In regards to a charismatic leader, Northouse stated that "the personality characteristics of a charismatic leader include being dominant, having a strong desire to influence others, being self-confident, and having a strong sense of one 's own moral values" p.

Discussion This essay explains enough information about the charismatic leadership.

importance of charismatic leadership

This serves to motivate workers through extreme times furthermore help them stay grounded. In particular, one individual that stands out throughout history for his lasting leadership is George Washington Parental Attachment Style and Parental Psychological Control [11] It has been observed that a way a child is attached to his parents in his adolescence plays important role shaping him as an effective charismatic leader.

The lion king rules its pride, the strongest elephant leads the herd, birds migrate in formation following the flight path of the strongest leader, taking turns - as one tires another assumes the role - the dominant ape controls its territory and even the chooks at the farm are told what to do by the cocky rooster

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Essay on Charismatic Leaders